1212, 2016

TargetCaRe midterm meeting in Utrecht

On December 15, the TargetCaRe midterm review meeting will take place in Utrecht. This meeting will be attend by our EU project officer and an external expert reviewer to assess the progress of TargetCaRe up [...]

2705, 2015

October 8 2015: Nanomedicine training programme in London

Before the start of the TargetCaRe consortium meeting, a training session for ESRs is scheduled. Dr. Philip Howes and dr. Jean-Philippe St. Pierre will provide lectures on nanomedicine for all ESRs.

2705, 2015

October 8 & 9 2015: TargetCaRe consortium meeting in London

At October 8 and 9, the second TargetCaRe consortium meeting will take place. Prof. Molly Stevens and dr. Ben Pierce will host us at Imperial College London. By then, 11 of our ESRs will have [...]