6 11, 2017

ESR1 Marco Sorbona on the importance of science for mobility

Science for mobility The modern field of biomaterials began 80-70 years ago when clinicians used materials for the first time in the treatment of patients. Since then, the application of materials has made an enormous impact on the treatment of trauma, injuries and diseases. Scientists and engineers started to design prosthesis using inert materials in order to [...]

3 11, 2017

Three question to… Dr. Mauro Alini, AO Foundation, TargetCare PI

Dr. Mauro Alini, Head of Musculoskeletal Regeneration at AO Foundation and TargetCaRe PI, tells us more about his goals as mentor, the challenge of being in a consortium and his "changing and unchanging" passions. What does TargetCaRe mean to you? Each research consortium as TargetCaRe is a platform to share your scientific observations and to [...]

2 11, 2017

ESR14 Florian Barré about being in the organizing committee of OurCon

From the 25th to the 28th of September 2017, an international mass spectrometry imaging conference called OurCon took place in The Netherlands. It was a special moment for me as PhD student as I was part of the organization committee with the role of sponsorship responsible. Everything started two years ago when we were at [...]

1 09, 2017

Three questions to… Dr. Laura Creemers, UMC Utrecht, TargetCaRe PI

Dr. Laura Creemers, Associate Professor of Intervertebral Disc and Cartilage Regeneration at the University Medical Centre (UMC) in Utrecht, is the protagonist of our new short interview. UMC is the leader of the Work Package 1, dedicated to the Nanocarrier development and loading. Dr. Creemers is supervising Joao Garcia, one of the 15 Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) that compose [...]

10 08, 2017

Three questions to… prof. Gerjo van Osch, TargetCaRe coordinator

To get to know our PIs better, they are invited to answer three questions about TargetCaRe, research in general and/or themselves. Of course we start with the coordinator of TargetCaRe: prof. Gerjo van Osch from Erasmus MC. What doesTargetCaRe mean to you? TargetCare is the first European consortium project I coordinate. I like the project, [...]

2 07, 2017

Consortium meeting & training programme in Davos

On June 30 and July 1, the TargetCaRe consortium meeting and ESR training programme took place at AO Research Institute in Davos. In contrast to previous training programmes, this time part of the TERMIS conference served as training programme: on June 30, the TargetCaRe symposium took place as part of the TERMIS with prof. Johan [...]

12 12, 2016

TargetCaRe midterm meeting in Utrecht

On December 15, the TargetCaRe midterm review meeting will take place in Utrecht. This meeting will be attend by our EU project officer and an external expert reviewer to assess the progress of TargetCaRe up to now. After the official review meeting, a regular TargetCaRe consortium meeting will take place on December 16, followed by [...]

6 10, 2016

TargetCaRe ESR Letizia Vainieri wins award at Swiss conference

We are proud to announce that our ESR Letizia Vainieri, appointed at AO Research Institute in Davos, Switzerland, has received the award for the best oral presentation at the "Graubunden Forscht" conference for her presentation on her TargetCaRe work. Congratulations Letizia! Letizia's personal experience: It was a great experience attending the 5th Graubunden Forscht Conference [...]