In July 2018 I had the occasion to do my secondment in Cosimo De Bari group at Aberdeen University, Scotland. It was a great opportunity to learn a completely new set of skills. Coming from a material and engineering background I had little knowledge about the biology field. Thanks to Fabio and the technicians in the lab I was able to learn new technics and to have a deeper understanding of the biological phase. Overall, the secondment experience is very formative and allows to growth professionally and personally. Moreover, Scotland is a beautiful country. If you like hiking and open spaces here is definitively the place!
In the same year, in September 2018, I had the opportunity to attend the TERMIS 5th World Congress held in Kyoto, Japan. It was a great opportunity to meet and being inspired by the best scientists in the regenerative medicine field. The overall attendees were more than three thousand and the topics spaced from bone tissue engineering to cardiac regeneration, cartilage constructs and 3D bioprinting of all sorts. I’ve been able to listen to very high-quality talks from PI from all over the world. This conference gave me a deeper insight and better understanding of the field. I need to thank the MSCA-ITN network for giving me the opportunity to be exposed to so many different experiences