Recently, I spent almost 2 weeks in the lab of one of the Target Care PI´s Laura Creemers at the RUMC Utrecht. My one-year-fellowship in Davos was just about to end, and I thought it wasn´t enough time to do any experiments in the lab, and maybe not worth it to do this secondment. But, indeed I was taught better.
During our last meeting in the Netherlands, Laura already offered me to stay at her place what I appreciated a lot. Hence my start was smooth, she picked me up from the train station, told me everything I need to know about the city and the next morning I tried to follow her on the bike to work (that wasn´t easy…)
When I arrived at RUMC, Joao, another Target Care ESR welcomed me and showed me around in the lab. I was quite impressed about the new building, the modern environment with flexible work spaces, the green area, and a nice cafeteria!
Because almost all cities in the Netherlands are close by, it wasn´t a problem for me to visit also the other partners, and the head of the project Gerjo van Oesch at Erasmus MC in Rotterdam. I met with my other ESR colleagues Serdar and Andrea in Rotterdam, they showed me around in the lab and in the new University Medical Center. A hospital so modern, with a great architecture, so light, with green rooftop terraces and a single-room for every patient.
Staying at Laura´s place was amazing, I had dinner together with her family in the evening and great talks about science and life at her terrace.
Time flew, and it took me just a few days to adapt to the city and the new work environment, and after 2 weeks it quite hard to leave.
In the end, I wrote my outline for the publication from my fellowship, and I had a lot of new ideas, and much scientific input and knowledge. It was a really good idea to do this secondment and I would do it every time again. Thank you Target Care for the promotion