Project Description

About the project of Jacopo

The aim of my project is the production of nanoparticles, called Nanoghosts (NGs), from mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) and using them to load siRNAs and miRNAs involved in healing and inflammation of damaged or degenerate cartilage and bone tissues.

We aim to develop methods, which will enable us to load the NGs with such small nucleic acid which are composing specific siRNAs and miRNAs that are involved or enable process associated with MSCs chondrogenesis, physiologic tissue capacity to regenerate and to promote local antiinflammatory effects or inhibit inflammation. Nanoghosts production will be tested for physical and biological characteristics as well as delivery and therapeutic efficiency in vitro and in vivo of NGs loaded with targeted siRNAs and miRNAs specifically designed for such approach.

We will also address the possibility to deliver the NG within gel platform for possible tissue regeneration approach. For these the NG will be loaded with siRNA that is designed to block pathway associated with inflammation and thus reducing the inflammatory process while allowing the healing of the cartilage and bone during the intervention with the tissue engineered gels.