Project Description

About the project of Joao

As an ESR at  TargetCaRe, my project will be centered on the establishment of a wide range of in vitro bioactivity assays for different nanocarriers loaded with regenerative and anti-inflammatory compounds.

These assays will be used to determine the biological performance of the developed nanocarriers in terms of release kinetics of the different target molecules and the chondrogenic responses elicited by them. The obtained results will be then used for further optimization of the developed systems. I will be also responsible for determining the biocompatibility and chondrogenic effect of nanocarrier-loaded hydrogels when cultured with different cartilage cell types/models.

Additionally, I will collaborate in the development of a Mass Spectrometry Imaging (MSI) protocol to assess delivery and biological effects of bioactive in cartilaginous tissues.