Project Description

About the project of Letizia

My project focuses on the establishment of a tissue culture cartilage defect model in a joint bioreactor system to test the efficacy of stimuli-sensitive nanocarriers on cartilage repair. I will conduct in-vitro and ex-vivo studies on a bioreactor that mimics multi-axial motion of an articulating joint under regimes of mechanical compression and shear.

Nanocarriers containing biological cargoes will be added to investigate their chondrogenic, anti-inflammatory and regenerative potentials and to address repair of osteochondral explants where defects will be created. Several techniques will be used (e.g. ELISA, PCR, biochemistry, histology, immuno-histochemistry, MSI) to evaluate biochemical and biological effects and monitor the delivery of this class of nanomaterials in order to prevent further degeneration of a damaged cartilaginous joint.