Project Description

About the project of Marco

My project involves the preparation of capsules containing multiple compartments, which will enable the encapsulation of various small molecule or biological cargoes (e.g. biomolecules, growth factors). An array of chemical and physical characterisation techniques will be employed (e.g. NMR, GPC, FTIR, Raman spectroscopy, SEM, TEM) to analyse this class of materials, assess their structure-function properties and evaluate their potential for physiological deployment. Light-sensitive and enzymatic cleavable linkers will be used to create stimuli-sensitive capsules that impart on demand release of entrapped cargo upon the application of light and by enzymatic activity. I will also functionalise the surfaces with hyaluronic acid to tailor their delivery profiles, while they will be incorporated within macroscopic fibre-based scaffolds or hydrogels to further control their release properties. I will also conduct systematic in vitro cell-based and ex vivo studies in the presence of these nanocarriers.