Domenico in Davos with the AO team of researchers

The first thing I noticed moving from Israel to Davos it was for sure the change of temperature and landscape. Davos welcomed me with and infinite view of mountains, lakes and snow.

I came from my university, the Technion Israel institute of Technology, to test the anti-inflammatory effect of my Nano-ghosts particles on IVDs bovine and human cells in collaboration with the wonderful group of Prof. M. Alini and Dr. S. Grad. The collaboration with the new TargetCaRe student Jie Du, which I met for the first time, has been amazing, and we got good results that I hope will bring us to publish an interesting paper as soon as possible. Furthermore, I spent my time with other three members of TargetCare project, Sonja, Bernardo and Letizia and this experience gave us time to become more friend and to better plan our next plans and our future!

Moreover, all the people I met in AO Foundation were amazing, they embraced me in a really warm way, like a was part of the AO family and they let me feel home for all the period I spent there. With all of them we had great time, hiking around the beautiful swiss mountains, tasting typical food, and having fun each day!

I’ll really miss of them, and I hope to meet them again as soon as possible in Davos, or somewhere else!