M4i organized their first workshop dedicated to mass spectrometry imaging (MSI) in November 2017. ESR 14 Florian Barre’ took active part in the preparation and management of the event.

For this first edition, M4i gathered in total 19 participants coming from Italy, Belgium, Germany, and of course the Netherlands, where close collaborators got the chance to be exposed to our techniques and get to know the basics. The success of this first edition – of which participants’ feedback was overall very positive – is primarily due to the cohesive energy provided by the M4i actors.

The workshop was held over five full days and alternated lectures and hands-on experiments. The lectures where both introductory lectures given by senior staffand fire-talks given by other PhD and Post-Doc.

During the practical sessions, the participants had the chance to use our state-of-the-art infrastructure and prepare themselves the samples for further analysis. They got an in-depth introduction to our sample preparation devices and could optimize the different mass analyzers themselves to perform their own measurements. As such, they could perform MALDI- and DESI- MS imaging experiments and generate images that were discussed during an interactive session after they performed the data analysis from their data sets.

To maximize interactions and networking, a poster session was organized where participants could meet and discuss with our PhD students, postdocs and staff who shared the research performed at M4i. A guided city tour was organized too.

It was an exciting opportunity as PhD student to be involved in the organization of the workshop. Florian said “I would like to fully thank my supervisor, Berta Cillero-Pastor and my colleague, Tiffany Porta-Siegel, who were part of the organization team. It was also really interesting to work with other people from other European consortia such as ISPIC and PRISAR (http://www.ispic.eu, http://www.prisar.eu/). I do think it is a chance to be part of these European projects which are giving the opportunity to organize these events but also to help us to build our network with nice and talented people. ”

They are already working on the next edition.