TargetCaRe ESR Letizia Vainieri wins award at Swiss conference

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TargetCaRe ESR Letizia Vainieri wins award at Swiss conference

We are proud to announce that our ESR Letizia Vainieri, appointed at AO Research Institute in Davos, Switzerland, has received the award for the best oral presentation at the “Graubunden Forscht” conference for her presentation on her TargetCaRe work. Congratulations Letizia!

Letizia’s personal experience:

It was a great experience attending the 5th Graubunden Forscht Conference as one of the young researchers in Davos this September where I met several smart international colleagues, experienced scientists in various science disciplines from medical and natural science to environmental science and humanities. Personally I think the conference was very successful, I fully enjoyed the two-days event with many interesting talks, workshop and discussions on various science topics.

The podium discussion, delivered by several Graubunden representatives from industry and academia, which I attended has been very informative and insightful on the challenges and opportunities we face in our carrier development. It was lively since the interaction between the panel of guest speakers and the audience revealed some of the key issues that are concerning young researchers. This topic was further explored in a workshop session.
Being my first conference, the surprise was the most fruitful moments were not spent just in sessions themselves: it’s in the unique and personal conversations you have with other attendees also.

Last but not least, the excitement of winning an unexpected Award for best oral presentation. It has given me the strength in believing in myself and persisting in what I am working on.