Three questions to… Dr. Laura Creemers, UMC Utrecht, TargetCaRe PI

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Three questions to… Dr. Laura Creemers, UMC Utrecht, TargetCaRe PI

Dr. Laura Creemers, Associate Professor of Intervertebral Disc and Cartilage Regeneration at the University Medical Centre (UMC) in Utrecht, is the protagonist of our new short interview. UMC is the leader of the Work Package 1, dedicated to the Nanocarrier development and loading. Dr. Creemers is supervising Joao Garcia, one of the 15 Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) that compose the TargeCaRe research team.

What are your personal aims in science/research?

My personal aims are twofold; In the first place coming up with practical solutions, in particular for patients. That is why I like doing research in a clinical department, where your specialist colleagues tell you about the urgency of the patients’ problems and are very keen to take what you have developed in the lab to clinical practice. The other aim is purely fun-based, which is coming up with hypotheses and being right as many times as possible (which is not that often though), like solving a cryptogram.

What was your very first lab project?

My first lab project was my first internship as part of my study Biomedical Sciences and was on the effects of retinoic acids on bile synthesis by liver cells. My primary recollection of that project is how I contaminated the entire centrifuge with 12C-labelled material by not checking whether the speed was compatible with the glass tubes I used. Also the endless tube-based Lowry assays for protein detection and the scraping of radioactive material from silica-coated chromatography plates still stick to me. The Less so did the final results. This was actually the only internship where I thought I had made the wrong career choice. After that I got the hang of pipetting and really enjoyed making perfect standard curves.

What is your passion in life?

Other than learning a lot from doing research in all of its aspects, I like creative activities outside research as well, which can vary from decorating furniture with mosaic to DIY and dancing.