To get to know our PIs better, they are invited to answer three questions about TargetCaRe, research in general and/or themselves. Of course we start with the coordinator of TargetCaRe: prof. Gerjo van Osch from Erasmus MC.

What doesTargetCaRe mean to you?
TargetCare is the first European consortium project I coordinate. I like the project, and the people involved. I very much enjoy working with Early Stage Researchers, trying to challenge them and see how they develop. Basically TargetCare for me means: fun with high quality research.

What is your passion in life?
Work is definitely important to me: thinking of experiments to solve a problem or to understand how things work. Unexpected findings trigger me in particular. But I would not like it so much without the interactions with people and being able to help people reaching their goals.
Equally important are my husband and two sons. I enjoy hiking with my husband and watching my sons, or my favorite club, playing football.

What is your favorite movie or book?
I do not watch many movies. I have always liked reading books. I read many but I cannot select a favorite one. There are many good, interesting, relaxing, exciting and inspiring books. Each of them is different. It is almost like working with PhD students and postdocs; there is no favorite, everyone has something special and that makes it so interesting and enjoyable.